Crash and Dash

By Faye Meyer

Greg & Lorraine Irwin have a long-running history with Highland Park. It seems to be the kind of place people have a hard time leaving. Greg’s memories of the neighborhood trace back to his boyhood, when he’d play at his grandparents’ on Emerson Ave. They moved to the neighborhood in 1930. Now as a grown man, Greg has called the same neighborhood home for 34 years. He and Lorraine love living here. “It’s the convenient location, the distinct look of the houses, underground utilities, Gina’s restaurant nearby and of course, the best tasting water in the USA.”

Four years ago, Greg & Lorraine responded to a request to cheer on runners in the Hamilton Thanksgiving 5k. Their home was on the course, and they along with a friend, cheered from their front steps. The following year the course shifted a block over, and the Irwin’s shifted with it, this time bringing cymbals. By year four, Greg & Lorraine had created what they call a “crash and dash,” offering a bucket full of drum sticks for runners and walkers to help themselves to. The Irwins kept the music going and race participants got to add their own crescendo as they approached the final hill of the race course.

It’s been a fun aspect on the race course, and we love how the Irwins have brought their own unique flavor to cheering on race participants. We’re excited to have them a part of the 2020 race and are looking for the perfect spot to keep the “crash and dash” tradition going. Thank you Greg & Lorraine for helping make the Hamilton Thanksgiving 5k a memorable event!