Love Zooms In

By Kamie Dixon

In YoungLives, we love embracing our sweet moms and their babies. Holding their precious kiddos and giving a mom an encouraging hug are some of the many perks of this ministry! So quarantine has been challenging. We are getting creative and have emboldened our efforts to stay connected and to find new ways to love from afar.

YoungLives provides young moms and their kids a place to connect, have fun, be encouraged and fully loved! Our YoungLives monthly Club meetings are a time where 30+ volunteers rally together to treat moms and kids to a home cooked meal (with plenty of leftovers to take home), games and crafts where young moms can laugh and be creative, and a time to hear an encouraging message of how God loves them, and wants to champion the person (& mom) they are created to be. We offer free childcare, so both the moms and kids can enjoy special-focused time. As one mentor shared “Our monthly YoungLives clubs are just the best!”


Anticipation was growing for our April Club! We had planned to gather at the Fitton YMCA pool for Swim Club. But instead of diving-in and splashing around, we found ourselves dialing-in and zooming around! And you know what…we had a BLAST! From the comfort of our beds to the quiet corner of our closets, moms and mentors, came together. What a treat to just see one another. We laughed our way through a one-room scavenger hunt, crafted homemade face masks with nothing more than an old t-shirt, and had our hearts strengthened and encouraged with a heart-felt message. Also plentiful…gift cards to Chick Fil A for all the moms who dialed in!

God is so good, no pandemic nor quarantine can distance His love for us. What a gift to serve a God who’s creativity and loving care knows no bounds.